Feels Natural

Our revolutionary engine lets your characters interact with the real world. You can create environments where characters can climb on top of or hide behind objects such as books, tables, boxes and toys.

3d Reconstruction

In the movie business computer generated special effects or “CG” often uses depth information about the scene in order to composit digital art assets into the view in a believable way. Occlusion is a key feature that helps create the illusion of a merged reality. Precise pinning is also important; digital art should stay pinned in place regardless of how the camera moves. Imagine playing a mountain climbing game on your desktop, where cans and bottles are snow covered peaks. Imagine an information display that provides information in context; decorating a table full of parts within view with enhanced details.


Our engine builds up a model of the world at 30 frames a second. This gives you the power to add precise information in a way that hasn’t been possible before. Imagine being able to stop by the side of the road and look through your phone to highlight a car part in 3d for an automotive self-repair application. Imagine being able to stand in your yard and draw a house extension in 3d and have real world objects stay front of your architectural sketch when you draw behind them and move around.