How to use a tablet as a laptop?

How to use a tablet as a laptop?

tablet as a laptop

Nowadays, tablets have become highly functional devices, more practical than a normal laptop. There are differences between the two “machines,” especially in terms of performance, but the tablet has supplanted the laptop for the “easier” jobs. Just think of the representatives’ work, always running around. They prefer to carry a tablet to carry out their operations. Even journalists, during press conferences, prefer the tablet. However, sometimes, especially when it comes to writing, it is more convenient to turn your tablet into a computer. For this, in this guide, we see how to use the tablet as a laptop.

Turn the tablet into the monitor

First, we must make sure that the tablet becomes the screen of our laptop. For this, we will need fixed support. There are different types on the market, some of these are even universal, suitable for any model and brand, and the prices are highly accessible.

Integrate a keyboard

The second fundamental element of the laptop is the keyboard. There are different models. We want to mention the Bluetooth one. This type is certainly the most used for its practicality (since it is devoid of wires) and then because most of the models are foldable and easily portable. Usually, Bluetooth keyboards can also be connected to the tablet via a USB cable. Simply change the connection settings.

Another element of the laptop is the mouse, which obviously cannot be used with the tablet. In this case, you will have to continue to use the screen in touchscreen mode.

Install the programs

A laptop is mainly used for the programs it offers. In the list of the most used, there are certainly those of the Office package. Via tablet, they can be installed via an app, downloaded from your digital store. The app is initially trialed for free. Subsequently, for its use, a small fee will have to be paid among other programs. We also recommend Photoshop and all the other apps in the Adobe world.

Use cloud storage services

The only sore point for tablets concerns the memory, certainly very small compared to a desktop or laptop PC. For this, we recommend that you use archiving services. Those who own an Apple device can rely on iCloud, while those who buy an Android device have Google Drive available.

If you have any doubts about choosing accessories for your tablet, ask an expert for advice at your local electronics store.

Get additional accessories

Let’s see some very useful accessories that will allow you to use a tablet as a laptop.


Apart from the tablets built by Microsoft, most of the models on the market do not have integrated stands. For this reason, one of the first purchases to make to transform a tablet into a PC can only be a desk stand. For some models, this is integrated into external covers, while we find the universal ones for all the others.


A computer is not a computer without a physical keyboard. Also, in this case, looking for the name of the model in possession on Amazon, it will be possible to buy the official keyboards developed by the same tablet manufacturers (such as Apple’s Smart Keyboard or Microsoft’s keyboard for Surface).


Some tablets manage to offer a special desktop interface. Others include a cursor within the classic operating system management. In most cases, however, you can safely navigate through the screens using a Bluetooth mouse. However, before proceeding with the purchase, we advise you to check that the tablet in possession is compatible with this type of accessories.


The USB-C port is now present on most devices and is useful for interfacing a tablet with storage devices or external interfaces. However, it may be necessary to have universal adapters.

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