How to optimize an Android mobile device

How to optimize an Android mobile device

optimize an Android mobile device

With so much technology on the market, it is very common for you to find a lot of free applications for your smartphone, be it entertainment, games, music, movies, series, and many more. However, many times we saturate computers with so much information filling the memory and even exposing it to various dangers.

This is mainly because we enter unknown pages or open applications or programs of dubious origin allowing the entry of viruses and malware. And although Android is the most popular and secure system of the moment, it is still vulnerable to certain attacks.

If you want your team to go faster, we are going to show you everything you need to do so that you can get the most out of it. Let’s get started!

So you can optimize Android to have a faster cell phone

We all wish one day to have a phone as fast as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, however, we do not all have the same purchasing power for a high-end device. Therefore, this time you will learn the best tricks to make your Android work in the best way.

Turn off or reduce animations

Regardless of whether you have one of the cheap Chinese cell phones, we all know that having or having some kind of animation on the device slows down its operation. And while transitions are fun and give your team personality, it’s actually better to reduce them if you want to speed up their performance as much as possible.

Uninstall or deactivate apps you don’t use

At first, we emphasize that in the online store there may be hundreds of options when downloading an application. Sometimes, due to the excitement of trying one and the other, we forget to delete or deactivate the one we are not using forever. Therefore, this causes our memory and storage to be saturated with meaningless apps that in the long run affect the proper functioning of Android.

Tell him no! to animated wallpapers

To speed up Android mobile devices to the maximum, it is necessary to avoid animated wallpapers at all costs. And although their quality is perfect and offers an incredible display, in most cases they make phones profitable and consume a high level of energy, making the battery last less. It is a substitution, you could use neutral funds.

Eliminate unnecessary widgets

Like apps and wallpapers, widgets give and give personality to your Android device. But since everything in excess hurts, it is necessary to discard those widgets that you are not using. Especially the weather, since it is constantly updated and wears down the mobile battery very quickly. To all these, it is best to take a look and see which ones you are using and which ones you can discard.

Put a limit on customization

Although one of the wonders of Android is that it offers options for personalizing the equipment, it is best to be minimalist in this regard. It is not necessary to install apps to identify calls, much less a special blocker. With this you will only win that the performance of your team decreases.

Perform constant cleaning

This is something very important, and for this, you can rely on data storage places in the cloud. Delete photos, files, videos, old music that you do not want to have or in the best of cases, make a backup in the cloud and then free up space on your cell phone.

Lean on cleaning tools and junk files like Clean Master to keep your Android phone in order. Sometimes it is necessary to have these types of apps installed because they help us find duplicate and old files whose access is difficult to find.

Install some antivirus

If mobile cleaning apps are not enough and you don’t want to restore your phone to the factory, the best thing you can do is rely on an antivirus. This will not only help you eliminate viruses and malware, but it will also help you optimize your Android mobile device in the best way.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to make constant reviews about your activities, warn if any page or app represents a risk to the team, perform general cleaning of the team, delete junk files, and more.