How to mute someone on Instagram?

How to mute someone on Instagram?

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In the world of social networks, Instagram is the one that is enjoying the most success. While there was a lot of talk about the Facebook vs Twitter dichotomy, Instagram was buying up users, taking advantage of its greater strength: the timeline composed almost exclusively of images. However, if there was a limit to be ascribed to the social network acquired by Mark Zuckerberg a few years ago, it was that of not being able to censor a contact without necessarily having to delete it. Fortunately, those years are over, and today we can explain how to mute someone on Instagram.

How to mute someone on Instagram?

To mute an Instagram user, follow these steps:

  • Go to their profile or one of their publications and click on the three ellipses that display the options menu. It is usually in the upper right part of the image or video.
  • Apart from the Report, Unfollow or Copy link, you will see another that says Mute. This will be marked in red.
  • Once clicked on it, you can choose to mute only Instagram posts, posts and stories, or just stories. And we recommend that you get it right. The difference between one and the other is simple: if you choose the first one, you will stop seeing their publication in your main Instagram feed, but you will continue to see their stories. And if you choose the second option, everything will be silenced: publications and stories.

The functionality to silence a contact on Instagram is within everyone’s reach: simply select the icon with the three ellipses placed at the top right of the contacts or posts, click on “Silence Post”, and then on “Silence”. This procedure falls on all the contents published by that contact, and the posts of this “unwanted user” will no longer be visible in our timeline.

The advantages

Although it is a really simple procedure, the advantages are many. One among all is anonymity: the person in question will never be aware that his posts have been silenced. Furthermore, in those cases in which the “harassing contact” should tag us in some post, this will be visible in our timeline, and you will also receive a notification about it. However, when you want to go and read all the “silenced” posts, it will be sufficient to access the user’s profile, which will always be visible. In doing so, the person will always have the perception of being followed, even if the reality will be quite different.

Not just “Stories.”

The ability to silence contacts on Instagram is coupled with another very important option: unsubscribing from “Stories”, the photo collections with which users decide to tell their days. Both options allow you to have an orderly timeline, not affected by trivial or unpleasant content, all without offending friends and relatives subject to “preventive censorship”.

Mental health benefits

The possibility of silencing contacts on Instagram can also be seen from a sociological and psychological perspective. According to recent studies, Instagram is the social network that creates the most addiction, even causing mental health damage in the most sensational cases. By silencing Stories and contacts, however, the timeline is clean and thanks to the mind.

How to silence someone’s stories on Instagram?

If what you want is only to silence someone’s stories on Instagram, but keep seeing their publications is just as easy. For it:

Go to the top of the stories, press deeply on the user’s stories you want to mute. When you do, you will see two options: View profile and Mute.

When you click on Mute, two more options will appear Mute story and Mute story and publications. Choose the first option to stop seeing only the stories.

If you have changed your mind and want to reactivate the user, click on the three points that appear to the said account’s right. You will see an option called Reactivate. You can reactivate everything, only the publications or only the stories.

If you had not completely silenced it, the Silence option would appear. Click on it and choose what you want to reactivate.

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