Gmail keyboard shortcuts that you should use

Gmail keyboard shortcuts that you should use

Gmail keyboard shortcuts

In computing and office automation and knowing how to use all the tools at our disposal. It is very important to know the shortcuts and shortcuts that allow us to speed up work processes. Knowing the most common keyboard shortcuts, such as “Ctrl + C” or “Ctrl + V” on Windows keyboards to copy and paste content, we will make life easier.

One of the most important tools in office automation is the email manager. One of the most widely used email platforms in the world is Gmail, Google’s email service. If you are a Gmail user, you will be pleased to know that the tool has Gmail keyboard shortcuts that can be very useful in your day-to-day life.

Gmail keyboard shortcuts

Composing shortcuts

Previous message in an open conversation p

Next message in an open conversation n

Shift focus to main window Shift + Esc

Change focus to chat or latest compose window Esc

Go to the chat or compose window below Ctrl +.

Go to chat or compose window above Ctrl +,

Send / Ctrl + Enter

Add recipients to Cc / Ctrl + Shift + c

Add recipients to Bcc / Ctrl + Shift + b

Access custom sender address / Ctrl + Shift + f

Insert a link / Ctrl + k

Go to the next misspelled word (Mac only) +;

Open spelling suggestions Ctrl + m

 Shortcuts for formatting text

Previous font / Ctrl + Shift + 5

Next font / Ctrl + Shift + 6

Reduce text size / Ctrl + Shift + –

Increase text size / Ctrl + Shift and +

Bold / Ctrl + b

Italic / Ctrl + i

Underline / Ctrl + u

Numbered list / Ctrl + Shift + 7

Bulleted list / Ctrl + Shift + 8

Quote / Ctrl + Shift + 9

Less indent / Ctrl + [

More indent / Ctrl +]

Align text left / Ctrl + Shift + l

Align text to center / Ctrl + Shift + e

Align text right / Ctrl + Shift + r

Delete formatting / Ctrl + \


Change the focus to the toolbar,

Select conversation x

Add or remove a star / rotate between superstars s

Archive e

Mute the conversation m

Mark as spam!

Get rid of #

Reply r

Reply in a new window Shift + r

Reply all to

Reply all in a new window Shift + a

Resend f

Resend in a new window Shift + f

Refresh the conversation Shift + n

Archive the conversation and go to the previous/next conversation] or [

Undo the last action z

Mark as reading Shift + i

Mark as unread Shift + u

Mark as unread messages from the selected one _

Mark as important + or =

Mark irrelevant –

Show the whole conversation;

Hide the whole conversation:

Add conversation to Tasks Shift + t


Return to the list of conversations u

Next conversation k

Previous conversation j

How do I access the Gmail keyboard shortcuts?

To access Gmail shortcuts, one of the first steps is to open the application from your computer. Next, you must log in, click on the settings wheel, and enter “See all settings”. Once inside the settings, scroll until you find a “Key Combinations” section and check the “Enable” option.

By configuring Gmail in this way, you will begin to have access to the different keyboard shortcuts that will help you navigate through the tool in a much faster and easier way.

How can these shortcuts help us?

Gmail shortcuts will save you time when performing all kinds of functions. For example, if you want to start writing a new email, you will only have to press the assigned key. However, if you want to write the message in a new tab of your browser, you will have to press a different key. Another key will allow you to move several messages at the same time to another section of Gmail. With this action, you can have them more organized, mark them as spam, or directly delete them.

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