Works Anywhere

Our engine looks at the world through the camera view of your mobile device and builds up an understanding of that world in real time. Historically Augmented Reality applications often use markers which are recognized by the software in order to determine camera position and scale. Our framework is markerless and is suitable for “unplanned” or novel settings such as a coffee shop or outdoor scenario where you still want to be able to support 3d interaction.

Plug in Library

Our tools can be plugged into your application easily, allowing you to extend your existing products or build new products with a minimum of fuss. We have an initialization phase and then are given successive camera frames and can return to you the “pose” (or 3d position of the camera) and 3d reconstruction of the scene. This gives you the freedom to build your experiences however you wish.

Unity Support

To facilitate developers we provide a Unity package. We also provide an example of how to get started in Unity. This lets you build high quality interactive experiences with rich digital assets that interact with the camera view quickly and easily.