Cool Tech Gadgets 2020 reviews

Cool Tech Gadgets 2020 reviews

Cool Tech Gadgets

The gadgets are among the items most searched, bought, and cherished the moment, is to make a gift to a loved one or acquaintance, and both use them personally. Thanks to the versatility that characterizes them, it is very easy to find the perfect hi-tech accessories for practically anyone. With this cool tech gadget 2020 reviews, it will be even more intuitive and fun to do so.

Do you love exercising outdoors? Do you like singing in the shower? Does the person you intend to give a gift to travel often or follow a healthy lifestyle? Are you looking for the best technological gift ideas?

Cool Tech Gadgets 2020 reviews

Read on to discover the selection of the best cool tech gadgets 2020 reviews that we have selected for you, also given the summer.

1 – Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4, among the best technological gadgets for sportsmen

Xiaomi – Mi Band 4 Our selection opens with an inexpensive but at the same time useful and tasty electronic gadget. We are talking about Mi Smart Band 4, one of the most popular low-cost fitness bracelets of 2020. Thanks to the countless functions available, you can connect it to your smartphone and receive notifications of calls, messages, and applications. You can also set the alarm, manage your favorite music, and even monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns.

This Xiaomi branded bracelet is the device for you even if you are looking for a sporty person’s technological gift. In particular, this latest version’s great novelty is the swimming mode, which allows you to set the length of the pool and automatically recognize up to 5 types of strokes. You can then check the training data on the free Mi Fit app, available for iOS and Android.

2 – Sony SRS – XB12 Speaker, the music gadget to take anywhere

Available in 6 bright colors, the Sony SRS-XB12 Speaker is among the technological accessories to have absolutely this 2020, even in summer at sea or in the pool. With a simple and resistant design, in this Speaker, nothing is left to chance. Sony has thought of everything, from the excellent battery that lasts up to 16 hours to the IP67 certification, making this device resistant to water, sand, mud, and dust.

Whether by the sea or camping with friends, this summer brings your music with you always. This small and compact electronic gadget can deliver really powerful beats thanks to Sony’s EXTRA BASS technology. This is truly one of the best hi-tech gifts you can think of giving. The reason? Buy one for yourself and one for whoever you want, connect them wirelessly and you will get excellent quality stereo sound!

3 – Wacaco Minipresso NS, one of the strangest and most delicious technological gifts of the moment

We all know at least one person who just can’t live without coffee and who would take his coffee machine everywhere. From today it is possible thanks to this fantastic gadget! Wacaco Minipresso NS is an extremely light, compact, versatile, and easy to use an espresso machine anywhere globally.

Its operation is intuitive and surprising at the same time:

Just insert a Nespresso capsule or a compatible one.

Add boiling water to the special tank.

Unlock and press the piston to release the drink.

And coffee is served wherever you are.

4 – HoneyGuaridan A36, the hi-tech gadget for your four-legged friends

Speaking of innovative gadgets, if you have a dog or a cat at home, you can’t do without this automatic food dispenser. The new technological gadgets are designed to meet anyone’s needs, and that’s why we have selected this object for you who have pets and are sometimes not at home during meals.

HoneyGuaridan A36 runs on batteries or via power cable, can store a maximum of 3 kg of dry food at a time, and has a stainless steel bowl that can hold up to 600 grams of kibble. The structure is easy to clean, and a red or blue light will alert you respectively if there is enough food or if, on the contrary, it is starting to run out.

A very interesting detail is the presence of a voice recorder with an attached Speaker that allows you to record a message, thanks to which you can invite your furry friends to eat.

5 – Choetech T520, the wireless charger among the most useful technological accessories

Almost all the latest generation smartphones are equipped with a wireless charging system. Those who have already tried it can confirm how convenient it is to charge their mobile phone without those annoying cables.

However, having a good wireless charger available is essential, which is why we have included our Choetech T520 in our selection. It is among the best low-cost technological gadgets that can guarantee high performance at an affordable price. The design develops vertically, but the two coils available on this device allow you to position the smartphone vertically, in fact, and horizontally.

6 – AUKEY – EP-T21, the Bluetooth earphones among the best technological items to have and give as gifts

The Bluetooth earphones are the real technological gadget of the moment. They are comfortable, without threads that regularly tangle and the ones we have selected for you do not even fear the rain. The Aukey – EP-T21 earphones are equipped with IPX4 certification. This means that you can safely use them even in the case of precipitation.

They are fully recharged in about two hours by simply placing them in the special case and have an autonomy of 5 hours. Furthermore, they can then be recharged 4 times, for a total of 25 hours of autonomy, not bad! The connection to the smartphone after the first recognition takes place automatically. Thanks to the convenient touch control, you will manage calls and music at your fingertips.

This fantastic hi-tech accessory is completed by activating the voice assistant by tapping both earphones three times.

7 – Puro Smart thermal bottle, the technological gift that is also good for the environment

Our last, but not least, proposal for 2020 is the Puro Smart thermal bottle. Eco-friendly and healthy, it is a decidedly sought after and winning gift idea. Available in two very classic colors, black and white, this tech gadget is equipped with an innovative touch-sensitive cap with an LCD screen that indicates the temperature of the liquid inside and, through a discreet acoustic signal, reminds you to drink.

If the cap’s LEDs are green, then the temperature is optimal, while the orange and red indicate a more or less hot temperature. Also, the airtight cap prevents the contents from leaking out so you can safely store the item in your bag or backpack. The construction materials are harmless to health. In fact, the stainless steel used is BPA-free.

Since, especially with high temperatures, there is a physiological tendency to drink more, with this bottle of Puro, which can be reused countless times, you can say goodbye to plastic bottles, very harmful to the environment, for summer 2020 at the teaches the well-being of the whole planet.

Final words

Technology is an important part of our lives today. For this reason, every successful company must know how to make it its own and use it to its full potential, also in terms of marketing.

From this cool tech gadgets 2020 reviews, the technological gadgets to offer to your customers yesterday, today and tomorrow, could be the real springboard you needed to make that “qualitative leap” that you have been dreaming of for some time but that you had not yet understood how to do.