Considerations before picking a pickleball shoe

Considerations before picking a pickleball shoe


So many pickleball players spend a lot of time looking for pickleball paddles forgetting all about shoes that they are supposed to wear during the game. Because you spend a lot of time picking the right paddle, why don’t you put in the same effort when you are looking for a shoe? The truth is, pickleball paddles and shoes go hand in hand. Both of them must blend to give you excellent performance. You might be comfortable with your paddle but feel very uncomfortable with the shoes that you have worn. That said, it is always wise to take your time and concentrate on finding the best pickleball shoes for your sport. Making a choice on the right and the best shoe is not that easy. Reason being, there are so many manufacturers out there. Different manufacturers come up with different designs and technology. As much as making a choice can be a bit tricky if you consider some factors making a choice will be very easy. Below are some considerations before you make your choice

Find the right weight

Weight is very crucial when you are considering a pickleball shoe. When you are playing pickleball, always remember that support, stability, and comfortability are very vital. If you mess with the weight of your shoe, there is a probability that you will end up struggling to support yourself and to move around freely. If you have fewer muscles, you should go for shoes that are lightweight. For players with heavy muscles, shoes that are slightly heavy will do you good. The right weight for you is that one that gives you the power and also control. Before you choose any shoe, try them on just to make sure that they are the best pickleball shoes for you.

The material

As much as there are no official pickleball shoes yet, there are shoes that can well be used for pickleball playing. The most important thing is that the shoe can be able to offer enough support, comfort as well as stability. So many good pickleball shoes are made from leather, a combination of synthetic leather and leather or made from synthetic. According to so many experienced pickleball players, synthetic leather is what many prefer because it offers much stability. Apart from that, so many players prefer synthetic leather because it is much cheaper than the leather material. The most important thing when choosing the material for your upper shoe, the inner soul and the soul is stability, support, and comfort. The three elements are the main determinants of whether you are going to perform well on your gaming or not.

The playing ground

Where the tournament will be held is also a major determinant when choosing the right shoe for your game. Pickleball can be played indoors and outdoors. When you are playing pickleball indoors, choose shoes with soles that are non-making gum. The perfect shoes to use when you are playing pickleball indoors are shoes like those ones used for playing badminton. The shoes that you choose when you are playing pickleball outdoors should be very different. Choose shoes that can easily withstand the hash concrete or the rough surface. For that, you need shoes that will feel heavier or bulkier than shoes for playing indoors. That said, it is always good to consider the playing ground before looking for the right shoe.


Well, the budget will not help you have a good performance but it is an important factor to consider when you are looking for the right and the best pickleball shoes. First of all, there are so many manufacturers or brands that offer shoes that can be used to play pickleball comfortably. Different brands have their price tags depending on the material and the features. Before you go searching for the right shoe, decide on the amount of money that you are willing to lose. Have a price range then stick to the budget, after all, you should only get what you are willing to pay for and what you can afford. You can stick to your budget and still be able to find a good shoe for the game. All you need is do research, read reviews and find out what other people are saying about the best pickleball shoes.


So many brands have come up with different shoe styles to suits each and every pickleball player. Even if there are no official shoes for pickleball shoe players yet, so many manufacturers are doing their best to provide shoes that can suit any player’s needs. The shoes that you choose should help you optimize power, control and also speed. Apart from that, the shoes that you choose should always compliment your playing style. For that, you need to have so many considerations when making your choice.