6 gift ideas for your girl on her sweet sixteenth birthday

6 gift ideas for your girl on her sweet sixteenth birthday

Turning 16 is a major event in any girl’s life. It brings her closer to adulthood and independence. However, she is not fully grown-up and she is still somehow a little girl. This is why it is a sweet sixteen. Girls would have different preferences in birthday parties. Many girls would dream about a huge party and buzzing music with everyone she has ever seen. Other girls are more into quiet and cozy family and friends gathering. However, both types will always expect a nice and a special gift on their special day. Keuzehelper can be very useful for you if you are running out of gift ideas. Here are some perfect suggestions for your daughter’s 16th birthday present:

  • PACO rabanne – Lady million

Any girl in the world will adore this gift. Perfumes are one of the girl’s best friends. Imagine how would she feel when she gets an original and a high quality fragrance? This perfume comes from a big fashion brand. The fragrance will make your girl smell great for hours. She will feel fresh right after wearing it. The fragrance has a pleasant combination of woody and floral scents. In fact, there are three layers of fragrance. The first one is like lemonade and raspberry. The middle layer will be like a mix of jasmine, orange. The last one is the fantastic gardenia. The mix is right for a special occasion or a big event. You little lady will smell smooth and sweet thanks to the long lasting scent.

The best part about this perfume is that you don’t need to look for a gift box or wrapping. You can count on the way the bottle looks. It is stylish and luxurious. The bottle can tell a lot on what to expect from the perfume.

  • Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist

At the age of 16, girls will be ready to take on new adventures. They have a thing for exploring new places on their own or with their best friends. This travel list will inspire your girl and encourage her to go on her adventure. The book talks about 500 places in different parts of the world. It mentions popular places and destinations. There are other not that famous places mentioned in the book. The book also shows personal situations and images from the mentioned destination. Your girl can start making her own bucket list based on the list.

  • Silver earrings set from Guess

Teenage girls like earrings. They also like to change them constantly to fit their clothes or style. The silver earrings set from Guess can give that and more to your girl. The earrings come from a big brand, so you should expect a high-quality and an elegant gift. The set has 3 pairs of earrings that your girl can use interchangeably. You girl will have the luxury to use the earrings for a casual daytime outing or a chic night outing. The earrings look fantastic and they will last with her for long. The earrings are made of brass, but have silver color. They have white crystals from Swarovski to add to their value and beauty.

  • Belkin Air Protect for Apple iPhone 7, rose gold

Girls love their iPhones very much. Having an iPhone 7 or 8 at this age is a source of a big joy. Your girl will definitely look for something to keep her precious phone protected. You can help in this when you give her this phone case. It is not expensive at all, but it will do a great job in protecting the iPhone against shocks. This case is specially made for these iPhone models, so your girl can use her mobile easily and efficiently. The case is also perfect for outdoor use, as it is resistant to UV RAYS. So, you should not expect it to discolour anytime soon. No need to mention that the phone case from Belkin has a smooth and an elegant design. Keuzehelper can give you more details about this beautiful iPhone case.

  • Apple iPad Mini 4

The thing about apple products is that everyone loves them. So, if you get your daughter a new iPad mini, she will be extremely happy. This new and smart device can help your girl with her school studies and social networking. She can also use it for reading and streaming videos online. This model has a memory of 128 GB. The screen is 7.9 inches. The big screen will enable her to enjoy anything she is doing. Your girl can lock the device using her fingerprint, which adds privacy and security.

  • Adidas Women’s Lite Racer W Fitness Shoes

Many 16-year-old girls are enthusiastic about outdoor exercises and physical activities. If your girl is into this, you will have a great chance to encourage her. You can buy her these sports shoes as a birthday gift. The sneakers look great and they are absolutely practical and comfortable. The footwear is suitable for running and jogging. She can wear it for a hike too. Your little girl can make the most of her outdoor sport without getting sore feet. The sneakers are light and won’t become a burden on her legs. It protects her feet and she can run freely like she is barefoot.

The clock is ticking and her birthday is nearly there? keuzehelper has more excellent gift ideas and suggestions for your girl’s sweet sixteen.