10 myths around technology: true or false?

10 myths around technology: true or false?


We are constantly hearing different advice from everywhere warning us about the use of technology. Tips for the battery, the screen, the chargers, the charging cycles, and many other things have always surrounded us, and that is why sometimes it is difficult to believe in all of them.

For this reason, we have decided to do a search about many of these myths that we have heard so many times from street “experts”, to see how much reason there is in their words. We hope you find them interesting.

Alkaline batteries last longer when placed in the refrigerator


Certainly, the useful life of batteries does lengthen when they are at low temperatures, but, according to most specialists in the field, this gives them so little that it is not worth taking up space in the refrigerator in order to try to “improve them ”. Of course, it does not hurt either, although you should bear in mind that when using them you should let the batteries return to room temperature before placing them in whatever device.

The battery of the mobile/laptop/tablet should be charged only when it reaches zero


This is one of the most common mistakes we make today because although it was the case with nickel-cadmium (NiCd) and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, with current lithium-ion (Li-Ion) technologies this loses sense. In fact, if we constantly allow our devices to zero, the battery will lose effectiveness, and eventually, we will have to replace it or get a new device. Despite this, some computer manufacturers do recommend “draining” them once every several months, but beware, only at that rate.

Using too much of a battery eventually makes it last shorter


This truth is always true. So now you know: try to give their phones a regular break (undoubtedly the most used mobile devices) if you want their “energies” to remain effective in two years. Otherwise, save to buy another.

Mobile phones can degauss magnetic cards

FALSE (almost always)

The first thing you should know is that neither calls, Wi-Fi, or other phone functionality can make a magnetic card stop working. Only the speaker, where there is a magnet, could have a negative effect on these cards, but after consulting many sources, it turns out that this is very unlikely ever to happen. In any case, it could happen with a low coercivity card, that is, those with a brown band, such as those used in hotels. The rest of the cards, that is, those with a black band or high coercivity, are more resistant and, therefore, you should not worry about your phone ruining your bank card.

Magnets can erase all the information on your hard drive or cell phone

False and true

In the past, magnets could mess up any hard drive, but today technology has advanced so far that that’s not really too big of a problem … as long as you don’t put the magnet on the drive while it’s working connected to the PC, because there it is better to say goodbye to it completely.

Likewise, in the case of smartphones, this is not very likely to happen, as long as your phone has the usual gadgets that protect it against magnetic fields.

Charging my mobile with a cable from another brand can end up ruining the battery


Although it is most advisable to always charge your device with the cable that comes standard with it, you can also use any other from a recognized brand and you will not have any problem. In case you are going to use an unbranded one, make sure it says CE (with a space between both letters), which indicates that it is certified for Europe and, therefore, has the quality you need. If, on the other hand, it says CE (united), this means “China Export” … and then you will know what to do.

Using the mobile in the sun can ruin it


If you cannot detach yourself from your mobile all day, we highly recommend that you try not to use it a lot while in the sun. Ultraviolet rays will not cause magnetism problems, but they will increase the temperature of the device to dangerous levels; it could even reach the point of explosion (we do not say it playing games).

Leaving your mobile / laptop/tablet connected after reaching 100% charge could cause your battery to explode or ruin

FALSE (currently)

Another of the classic lines that we hear on the subject is this. Reality indicates that, although a few years ago this could happen, today almost all equipment comes with protection that makes them automatically disconnect before reaching the maximum load so that if you leave it plugged into the power all the Night won’t spoil or end up causing a Samsung Galaxy Note 7-style explosion.

Using the mobile while charging it is harmful to the battery


If your mobile does not have too much charge and you plug it into the current or a charger so that it “recovers”, it is not at all recommended that you use it during that time. Maybe it’s not the end of the world if you pick it up to reply to a text or WhatsApp message, but if you use it to play games or to open other “battery-eating” applications such as Messenger or Asphalt, the temperature will rise and we have warned you before about.

Charging the mobile in “airplane mode” will make it much faster


When you put your device in “airplane mode” you turn off the antenna and, therefore, it stops receiving signals in that way. And yes, that means a power-saving, but one so imperceptible that it does not make a difference compared to charging it in normal mode. The most advisable thing so that your mobile is “full” as soon as possible is to connect it to the current (if it is 220 V, better) and use a quality charger. Everything else is pure “smoke”.