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Our products and our software can be easily customized according to the needs of the customers.
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We have redefined the interaction of humans with technology. Our experts have made the interaction more realistic.
Unlimited Possibilities
The technology that we have built has defied boundaries and opened new arenas.

About Dekko

We believe that the natural visual experiences this enables will delight and amaze us, and ideas we had only imagined will now be visible.

We understand that our technology doesn’t benefit all types of interactions. We know that even iPhones still have keyboards alongside Siri. But importantly, we understand that we are standing only on the threshold of this new world, and that todays Real-World experiences and interactions will continue to improve for many many years. What most excites us is that it is today, for the first time, that we have the mobile hardware available to support the software Dekko is building.

Visual Interaction

Dekko Provides Natural Interaction

The human interaction with technology should be more natural. Times are gone when the interaction was very robotic and machinery. Our technology has created a new and natural way of interaction between humans and technology.

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Wearable devices are considered to be the next big thing in the tech world. We have an unparalleled technology and interface for wearable computers.
Multi-sensor Devices
For the better functioning of the devices we have made use of multiple sensors.
Tiny PC
As technology develops the size of the gadgets are becoming smaller. We are at the forefront of making tiny PCs.


Dekko is definitely way ahead of our time. They make sure that their technology to stand out from the rest.


Dekko provides the best technology for with great interface for wearable devices.


Dekko provides the best technology for with great interface for wearable devices.


Experience powerful interaction with Dekko

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Here is what all to look in a store

Online stores are increasing with good speed and that is really good because they are providing good service to customers all over the world.

There is no need to visit them in person; all you need is to order a product from them that too with a single click, these are the features which make them the ideal choice for shopping these days. They are offering competitive prices as well to make sure that you get the best thing at the end of the day.

In case you are not satisfied, they will give you returns and refunds as well, the services are what make them good in the market and they make sure that no customer complains about them.

We are going to discuss some of the musts to do things for these online stores to increase the comfort for the users and get a good profit for themselves as well.


The first thing which these stores need to provide to the customers is the affordability, there is nothing without the affordability, if they are giving out expensive products, the customer will surely prefer other stores around them.

The store must make sure that it is giving the best price to the customers to ensure that they are attracted towards them for their other shopping as well.

Easy to shop

Super Fine deal and easy to shop interface makes a good combination. The interface should be simple and they should make sure that the customer can make a purchase with a single click and they don’t have to go through the strict procedure for ordering anything online through the store.

Create categories

They should work to provide comforts to the customers, create different categories of the products for the ease of users. Users don’t have to search for each and every product, rather visit the relevant category and get the product for themselves.


The comparisons are very important for online retailers because that makes it easy for the customers to choose any product for themselves.

These online retailers should give comparisons regarding the products of the same categories by explaining their pros and cons to the customers.

These things can impact the final choice of the customer and are indeed very important as well.

The comparison should not be of the pros and cons alone rather they should provide price comparison as well to make sure that the customer can choose someone with the best price tag.

Mobile friendly

Mobile is widely used for different services these days so the online retailers should make sure that they provide a mobile-friendly interface to the customers to help them in their purchases. The site speed should be fast and it should show all the features to the mobile users as well and help them in their purchases.

Related items

It is important to attract customers towards your stores by showing them the related items while they are looking for a product, this can help you increase your leads as well so make sure that you are connecting different products with each other and giving out a good interface to the users.

Different payments methods

This is indeed the most important thing; an online retailer should make sure that they are offering different payment options to the customers and those options are all secure as well because in the end what matters is the right kind of security for the customer.

They will never choose a retailer which is not providing them payment protection, make sure that you are offering all these features to the customers.


The reviews are very important; make sure that an honest review about the product is given to the customers by digging out all the important information regarding the product. These reviews should contain the pros and cons of the product and their complete working methodology as well for the ease of the customers.

Alongside the reviews, different reviews of the users who have already bought the product should be there to make sure the users get the right information that helps them take the decision.

Photo and video

The product should be explained clearly with the use of high-quality images, the first look of the product is important and that can make or break the mind of the customer; a good store uses high-resolution pictures of the product and a video as well if possible to explain it in the best possible ways.


The security is obviously important and it is recommended to use two-factor authentication before anyone is proceeding for the checkout to make sure that they are not hacked by anyone and their information is also completely safe.

These retailers should also protect the names and addresses as well and use all the modern resources to make sure no loophole is left in the security of the customers who are visiting the store.

Social media

Everyone is familiar with the power of social media to make sure that you are using this feature as well. Use the social media handles of the store to promote different things and make sure that you stay connected with the audience on these stores.


These are some of the very important things for all the online retailers and they should make sure that the best possible service is provided to the customers in the end.

Considerations before picking a pickleball shoe


So many pickleball players spend a lot of time looking for pickleball paddles forgetting all about shoes that they are supposed to wear during the game. Because you spend a lot of time picking the right paddle, why don’t you put in the same effort when you are looking for a shoe? The truth is, pickleball paddles and shoes go hand in hand. Both of them must blend to give you excellent performance. You might be comfortable with your paddle but feel very uncomfortable with the shoes that you have worn. That said, it is always wise to take your time and concentrate on finding the best pickleball shoes for your sport. Making a choice on the right and the best shoe is not that easy. Reason being, there are so many manufacturers out there. Different manufacturers come up with different designs and technology. As much as making a choice can be a bit tricky if you consider some factors making a choice will be very easy. Below are some considerations before you make your choice

Find the right weight

Weight is very crucial when you are considering a pickleball shoe. When you are playing pickleball, always remember that support, stability, and comfortability are very vital. If you mess with the weight of your shoe, there is a probability that you will end up struggling to support yourself and to move around freely. If you have fewer muscles, you should go for shoes that are lightweight. For players with heavy muscles, shoes that are slightly heavy will do you good. The right weight for you is that one that gives you the power and also control. Before you choose any shoe, try them on just to make sure that they are the best pickleball shoes for you.

The material

As much as there are no official pickleball shoes yet, there are shoes that can well be used for pickleball playing. The most important thing is that the shoe can be able to offer enough support, comfort as well as stability. So many good pickleball shoes are made from leather, a combination of synthetic leather and leather or made from synthetic. According to so many experienced pickleball players, synthetic leather is what many prefer because it offers much stability. Apart from that, so many players prefer synthetic leather because it is much cheaper than the leather material. The most important thing when choosing the material for your upper shoe, the inner soul and the soul is stability, support, and comfort. The three elements are the main determinants of whether you are going to perform well on your gaming or not.

The playing ground

Where the tournament will be held is also a major determinant when choosing the right shoe for your game. Pickleball can be played indoors and outdoors. When you are playing pickleball indoors, choose shoes with soles that are non-making gum. The perfect shoes to use when you are playing pickleball indoors are shoes like those ones used for playing badminton. The shoes that you choose when you are playing pickleball outdoors should be very different. Choose shoes that can easily withstand the hash concrete or the rough surface. For that, you need shoes that will feel heavier or bulkier than shoes for playing indoors. That said, it is always good to consider the playing ground before looking for the right shoe.


Well, the budget will not help you have a good performance but it is an important factor to consider when you are looking for the right and the best pickleball shoes. First of all, there are so many manufacturers or brands that offer shoes that can be used to play pickleball comfortably. Different brands have their price tags depending on the material and the features. Before you go searching for the right shoe, decide on the amount of money that you are willing to lose. Have a price range then stick to the budget, after all, you should only get what you are willing to pay for and what you can afford. You can stick to your budget and still be able to find a good shoe for the game. All you need is do research, read reviews and find out what other people are saying about the best pickleball shoes.


So many brands have come up with different shoe styles to suits each and every pickleball player. Even if there are no official shoes for pickleball shoe players yet, so many manufacturers are doing their best to provide shoes that can suit any player’s needs. The shoes that you choose should help you optimize power, control and also speed. Apart from that, the shoes that you choose should always compliment your playing style. For that, you need to have so many considerations when making your choice.

Joining the E-commerce in Dubai

You know that you are at one of the best cities around the world if you are in Dubai. There are a lot of people and a lot of business going on in Dubai despite the luxuries, the fast and sports cars around, including the gold scattered everywhere. Dubai is also known to be a global city where its business is booming like any other richest city out there around the world. Dubai is the business hub of not only the United Arab Emirates but the whole Middle East. With all of that, e-commerce and technology in Dubai (aside from the most expensive cars and the tallest building in the world) is advanced and online businesses or businesses ran using the internet are powering the economy.

Boost Up Your Online Operations

You will need a helping hand or a software that will help you organize all of your operations and keep in touch with the people who you are going to be with the best and worst cases during the process of making your whole operations and transactions possible without any delay. Dubai is a very busy city and there is not much road to relay information from one person to another. That is why Dubai mostly uses computers to do most things with business.

Dubai is a City Full of Speed

Aside from cars, you need everything in a fast pace. You need to transfer a lot of information and make successful transactions more than any other city around the world can in order for you to place your business or your company on the map. The speed with success you need when it comes to operations and transactions with all perfection can be handled and be made possible with the help of bitrix24 Dubai to take care of the communications and the bridge for every single employee and client you have to keep you posted with the latest updates and changes within your own business.

Organizing and Communications at its Finest

Finally, the best way to be practical in this case is to do things online. You can advertise online because of the expanding internet and cyber world where the business world also has transcended where business considers the internet as a platform of being able to reach more people and reach more and more possibilities. In this case, you reach more possibilities because the internet and bitrix24 Dubai is always there to help!

His Secret Obsession Review – Revive your love

Would you like to revive your old love? Do you wish to understand what a man wants, so that you could provide them with whatever they want? Positively, whatever lady doesn’t? Whenever you can associate, consequently His Secret Obsession Review love manual is perfect for you! So if you are looking for a product, which can help you to get the work done, then you can go in for this. There are many people who seriously like this product and are worth every penny you spend, this is something very important.

It is one of the best and gives you very god value for money. It is always better to get a package which can help you in your life and that is something very important. There are many people who are very confused and are looking for a product which will give them good value for money. Make sure that you read lots of information about this before you buy it and once you do that then things will not be much of problem. This product is also not very expensive so you can be sure, that you will get the value for money for this. This is something very important and you should keep this in mind.

When your incredible love is missing that fire and even you are curious about how you may get it back again? Would you like the guy to be much less away, providing you with much more affection and also love? Moreover, do you wish to understand what you may individually apply to cause you to guy desire you? It you are looking some way to add spark to your life then things will become much simpler. No one wants to have a boring life and that is something not preferred by anyone. So one can go in for something that is really good like this one.

This is one of the best things you can look for. Everyone needs life in an interesting way and that is something great one really needs to add spice to the life and once that happens, things will be very good. There are many people who are looking at some good solutions which can improve their life and do not mind spending some money on it. So if you really want to make improve your life style, you can go in for a product like this which gives you very good value for money. There are many people who are very confused and may end up going in for something which is not up to the mark. This is something really good that one is looking at.

Many of these concerns can be handled whenever you understand His secret obsession review is always good read. Most importantly, you will be yourself without any desire to be bogus. While you go through His secret obsession review it will give you lots of information on this product and based on that you can decide whether you should be buying it or not, you’ll discover ways to more effectively know your guy, virtually all when changing into a much more appealing spouse. You can make your life much more interesting and spicy and it will not be the same boring thing that you are facing from last few days. You will have a new zeal in life and you will start feeling much better. So come and enjoy your time and you will be amazed how good this package is. Everything about this is really good and can help in giving you very good returns for the money you spend.

Concerning His secret obsession review

His secret obsession review manual emphasizes the significance of psychological events as well as connection. Generally, you will understand well what men are looking for; so that you can provide them with the kind of affection they need as well as in change, develop a much more assertive, enduring love. There are many people who are very confused about selecting the right options, but then if you are not sure which is the best one for you then that can cause some confusion. This is product which can add steam to life and you will start feeling much better there is nothing more you can think of. It is a product, that will get a smile on your face and it is something very interesting that one should go in for and buy and enjoy it completely.

If you want better relationships this is something that you can go in for, this will surely give you some value for money and you ill be very happy making use of this product, you cannot ask for anything more. This is a quality product you can surely enjoy making a very good retune of. That is the best part about it. So what are you waiting for? Just go in for a quality product and you will not need to worry about anything. There are many people from all over the world who are going in for it. This is something that is very important and you can really have a good time making use of this. So if you want something interesting, than things will be much easier and you will not have a problem, so what are you waiting for, just go in for this product.

Why You Need a Top Rated, Professional Service?

If you need a LFS polished concrete floors, then you need to have a good service to help you get your job done and this something very important you need to keep in mind. There are many good services and selecting the best is never an easy job. Once you hire a good service you have done most of the hard work and things will become much easier for you. Keep in mind that you go in for some experienced service as that will make the process much easier. Keep in mind, that a trusted service is what you need to look at and that is something very important which you need to keep in mind. One should get a touch with a good service, which helps to get the job done in quick time and that is something very important. So what are you waiting for, just go in for a good service and get the job done and you will not need to worry about anything else. There are many good services and selecting the best one is never easy. Since the choice is vast one has to work hard and select the right one. Once that happens, things will be very simple and will not have any problems. So what are you waiting for?

Some of the solutions will be really good and highly motivating and that will help one a great deal in order to get the solutions to their needs. Once that happens, then process will become much easier. Make sure that you have skilled people who can handle commercial as well as residential project without too much of trouble and once that happens then things are easy. So make sure, that you go ahead and select a good service, which can help us with our job.

So go ahead and hire a service which can help you get some very good options and once you do that then things will be very simple and you will not need to worry about anything else. This is something very important which you need to keep note of. Many people are looking for some good solutions to get the job done. If you hire a good agency they will help you to get the job done in quick time. Make sure you get the LFS polished concrete floors done.

So if you want a service, make sure, you find out information about the old clients and once you do that then it will become much easier for your to get thing moving. There are many services which can help you to get the job done.

There are many top services, who offer good quality service, but finding them could be tough, some of them may not have good visibility on the internet and that is when one needs to dig deep and find something really good. So what are you waiting for, just go in a for a good service and you will not need to worry about anything else. Many people are looking for some good solutions to their needs. Once you have a good service, then there is nothing to worry, you can get your job done. So select a service which is really good and help you to do your job. There are many services, but the best one is hard to find. This is something which you should try and find and that will make things much easier for you and you will not need to worry about other things, only paying the money.

Concrete polishing is a professional grind as well as polishing technique that makes use of a variety of items such as commercial diamonds as well as some hardening products together with sealers in levelling, polish as well as ultimately coat the floor with concrete. After the polish, most often, spots, as well as dyes, are often included in making the polished surface a bit more eye-catching. This is performed along with services such as creating of the radial lines, bands edges as well as other types of layouts liked by different individuals.

Polished Concrete Floors are recommended by environmentalists due to the advantages that the polished concrete floors present. When it comes to ‘green’ management, the stylish flooring is the most secure option since not only do they promote eco-friendly planet, they develop the environment. For those who are energy saving pros, polished concrete floors are the best option since it cuts on power consumption in home since the flooring is reflective. Soon, the concrete floors may no more be optional, since the globe is moving towards ecological consciousness, thus, making the floor of choice not only for the household but for offices and business use. The best option is LFS polished concrete floors.

In brief, the entire procedure of concrete polishing might be more or less like sanding timber. With the help of particular unique devices you can perform a few good heavy-duty polishing, for example, concrete grinder that might be hand-held. Or, you can use it them to perform specialized work on countertops as well as other like work surfaces. These appliances are made of long-lasting material to withstand pressure. They usually have lots of power to enable them to work better, given that the concrete has got terrific slipping friction.

So go ahead and find a good service and you will be glad that you did that.

3 Tips to Surprise Your Guests with Delicious Vegan Food

Hosting a dinner party can be quite a challenge when you’re vegan and your guests are not. The easiest answer is to cook a vegan meal for you and a regular meal for the rest of your party, right? Find out Simon Black, if you want some more information on this topic.

Well – maybe, but not quite. This is something that is catching up and lots of people are looking for some very good solutions for the same. This is something very important and can really do well in the right way without any problems.

With these easy tips, you will be able to delight your guests with a savoury meal that will leave them asking for the recipe and wondering about your cooking secrets. You need to have some really good information about what are pure vegan recipes and they will help you very easily, always keep a list with you.

Use flavours and textures they are familiar with Simon Black, and once you are that, then you will surely have some really good information on this subject and will help you understand the system of vegan food much better and that is something very important before you need to hire this.

Seasoning is always a good way to bring up flavour not only in meat but in vegetables and other foods as well. Try to use common seasoning blends that will make your guests enjoy the food and even forget about the absence of meat. Mushrooms, cauliflower, and other “meaty” vegetables can make up for the texture that your guests might miss otherwise.

Pasta is always a good idea 

Although eating it every day is not the healthiest choice, offering it as a main course for one of your dinner parties is often the easiest way to ensure everyone is happy. Make sure to cook a delicious, vegetable-based sauce to go with the pasta, and don’t forget to offer them some vegan Parmesan (either homemade or purchased). This is one way to eat healthy and enjoy your time you cannot ask for anything more. This is one of the best food one can have, but the recipe has to be done within the parameter of the vegan food, Once that is done, then things will be much more easier and you cannot ask for anything more. So many people are very confused about selecting the right things, and if you are one of them, then you should find some good information on this topic without fail. If you want some more information on this topic, then look for Simon Black. Once you do that then you will surely find some very interesting information and that will add to lots of fun. You cannot ask for anything better.

Amaze them with an exotic dessert 

If you already played it safe with the main course, it’s time to take a risk, and mango is an excellent ally when it comes to impressing someone’s taste buds. Even when you’re not used to cooking dessert, there are some pretty easy recipes. Why not try a Mango Mousse with Coconut Milk? Easy to cook but quite awesome to eat. Who will not want to ear something interesting and healthy, there is nothing better you cannot ask for anything more. This can get a complete smile on your face and that is something very interesting.

Make sure you enjoy yourself 

Whatever you do, always keep in mind that you are doing the best you can for your guests. Enjoy the food you cooked and, most importantly, the company of the people you are sharing with.

Vegan food is the best option in the market.

Now days the consciousness regarding one’s health has become serious matter for discussion. International conferences, campaigns, researches and well known studies on human health is being conducted frequently. The finding of these studies in most cases throws light over some relevant solutions for health concerns on health issues in the form of an effective vegan diet. Usually, people who fall for meat and other non-vegan food items find it difficult to bring them back from if and to switch towards a vegan culture. Moreover people are ready to change only when they at a situation of surrendering before serious health issues.

Whether vegan or not proper diet and food habits have to be made a part of human culture irrespective of differences on human kind. Particularly a vegan provides human body with major nutrients which are very much essential for our body. They cause less or no harm to the body. The origin of human was always closely in relation with all natural derivatives of environment where vegan food items play an integral role in the sustainability of both human kind as well as environment. Make sure, that you read some information about Simon Black and that will give you some interesting facts on this subject and this is something really to make you feel better.

So go in for vegan food and you can really live well and feel much better, Once you do that you will feel much better and you will also get lots of good information on this subject. Once you completely accept this from your heart, you cannot ask for anything more. This is something that is really good and gives one amazing health.

6 gift ideas for your girl on her sweet sixteenth birthday

Turning 16 is a major event in any girl’s life. It brings her closer to adulthood and independence. However, she is not fully grown-up and she is still somehow a little girl. This is why it is a sweet sixteen. Girls would have different preferences in birthday parties. Many girls would dream about a huge party and buzzing music with everyone she has ever seen. Other girls are more into quiet and cozy family and friends gathering. However, both types will always expect a nice and a special gift on their special day. Keuzehelper can be very useful for you if you are running out of gift ideas. Here are some perfect suggestions for your daughter’s 16th birthday present:

  • PACO rabanne – Lady million

Any girl in the world will adore this gift. Perfumes are one of the girl’s best friends. Imagine how would she feel when she gets an original and a high quality fragrance? This perfume comes from a big fashion brand. The fragrance will make your girl smell great for hours. She will feel fresh right after wearing it. The fragrance has a pleasant combination of woody and floral scents. In fact, there are three layers of fragrance. The first one is like lemonade and raspberry. The middle layer will be like a mix of jasmine, orange. The last one is the fantastic gardenia. The mix is right for a special occasion or a big event. You little lady will smell smooth and sweet thanks to the long lasting scent.

The best part about this perfume is that you don’t need to look for a gift box or wrapping. You can count on the way the bottle looks. It is stylish and luxurious. The bottle can tell a lot on what to expect from the perfume.

  • Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist

At the age of 16, girls will be ready to take on new adventures. They have a thing for exploring new places on their own or with their best friends. This travel list will inspire your girl and encourage her to go on her adventure. The book talks about 500 places in different parts of the world. It mentions popular places and destinations. There are other not that famous places mentioned in the book. The book also shows personal situations and images from the mentioned destination. Your girl can start making her own bucket list based on the list.

  • Silver earrings set from Guess

Teenage girls like earrings. They also like to change them constantly to fit their clothes or style. The silver earrings set from Guess can give that and more to your girl. The earrings come from a big brand, so you should expect a high-quality and an elegant gift. The set has 3 pairs of earrings that your girl can use interchangeably. You girl will have the luxury to use the earrings for a casual daytime outing or a chic night outing. The earrings look fantastic and they will last with her for long. The earrings are made of brass, but have silver color. They have white crystals from Swarovski to add to their value and beauty.

  • Belkin Air Protect for Apple iPhone 7, rose gold

Girls love their iPhones very much. Having an iPhone 7 or 8 at this age is a source of a big joy. Your girl will definitely look for something to keep her precious phone protected. You can help in this when you give her this phone case. It is not expensive at all, but it will do a great job in protecting the iPhone against shocks. This case is specially made for these iPhone models, so your girl can use her mobile easily and efficiently. The case is also perfect for outdoor use, as it is resistant to UV RAYS. So, you should not expect it to discolour anytime soon. No need to mention that the phone case from Belkin has a smooth and an elegant design. Keuzehelper can give you more details about this beautiful iPhone case.

  • Apple iPad Mini 4

The thing about apple products is that everyone loves them. So, if you get your daughter a new iPad mini, she will be extremely happy. This new and smart device can help your girl with her school studies and social networking. She can also use it for reading and streaming videos online. This model has a memory of 128 GB. The screen is 7.9 inches. The big screen will enable her to enjoy anything she is doing. Your girl can lock the device using her fingerprint, which adds privacy and security.

  • Adidas Women’s Lite Racer W Fitness Shoes

Many 16-year-old girls are enthusiastic about outdoor exercises and physical activities. If your girl is into this, you will have a great chance to encourage her. You can buy her these sports shoes as a birthday gift. The sneakers look great and they are absolutely practical and comfortable. The footwear is suitable for running and jogging. She can wear it for a hike too. Your little girl can make the most of her outdoor sport without getting sore feet. The sneakers are light and won’t become a burden on her legs. It protects her feet and she can run freely like she is barefoot.

The clock is ticking and her birthday is nearly there? keuzehelper has more excellent gift ideas and suggestions for your girl’s sweet sixteen.

Do you want to give an amazing gift?

If you want to give an amazing gift, then you should go in for something that is really interesting. The person who gets the gift should be able to enjoy it completely. This also gives you value for money. Also will get a smile on the face of the person to whom the gift is given. Not many people are looking for solutions to the choice problems, if you need some choice then you can search the internet to find something that is interesting and that will make things much easier. Keep in mind, that Stonefoot is a very good option. Selecting a good gift is always a challenge and lots of people are looking at gifting something unique as that can really make the person who is making use of this feel much better. You cannot ask for something more.

Box of quotes. Children love the feelings or ideas that remind them that they are loved and appreciated. The parents can present a box that is nicely decorated with the child’s favorite colors and decorative. The content that should be in the box will not be present in the box; the child will find them as the day progresses. The parents will ensure that they get some encouraging quotes for testing child on some small cue cards. This is something that is really good and can work very well and people can really make use of these ideas for gifting which is not very hard on the pocket too.

These cue cards ware encouraged to be laminated don’t hat they can be durable and look professional and costly. The cards can also contain pictures of the family or past moments to compliment the quote. This will lift the child’s spirit, especially in times of sorrow or down hearted moments. The quotes can be placed at different areas for the day. The first quote can be placed in the box before the time of presentation. As the child finds these cards with their affirmations, the child will place all of them in the box to make a complete collection. A card can be placed in the wall of the shower area, the child will bathe with those words lingering in the mind. One can be placed outside the child’s door. Upon entering or leaving the room the child will see the quote.

Around the table, a cue card can be placed or even on the television. If it is a school day one an be placed in the child’s lunch bag and will find it at snack or lunch period. A card can also be placed in every subject that the child will use for the day. The card must be place on the page that the child with write on. This is a great thing to do to share your love for your child. Parents can also have two child’s best friend to slip a quote in the child’s locker at school. As soon as the child opens the locker the quote will be evident. Another quote can even be placed on the child’s desk. These are fun ways to make your child know how much your love them and how you feel about them. When the child arrives from school, a quote could be on the front door to greet the child. This cue card will have a smile in it or even a family picture and a nice quote to complement it. Make sure that you go in for Stonefoot, which is some thing really good and can be used for gifting.

At this time the child will compile all the quotes that were received and then the family can go through it with the child. They can further express their love to their child as well as other words of encourage. The pictures on the quotes can also be discussed and laughed about. After the child has packed all the cards, the child will then will then be given a diary to place on the box to write about every moments that the quotes were being used or were useful. The parents should tell the child that when they are going through hard times or even happy times, they must read the quotes and you can also go in for Stonefoot.

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Everything one needs to know about ketosis

Ketosis is not an artificially induced state. It is not induced by ketogenic diet like many are presuming. Rather ketosis is a normal metabolic process. By following a ketogenic diet that is low carbs and high fats, one is increasing the levels of ketosis in the body. Extreme levels of ketosis might even lead to diabetes. Therefore when ketosis is increased, great care should be taken to stay healthy. Choice of foods should be to suffice the purpose of inducing ketosis and also keep the body healthy. In order to know the available choices of such foods in keto restaurants one can visit a ketosumo website.

What is ketosis? – A detailed explanation

The cells of human body use glucose as their primary form of energy. Glucose is derived from dietary carbohydrates like sugar and starch. The foods that contain sugar include fruits, yogurt, etc. The foods that contain starch are bread, pasta, rice etc. The human body breaks these sugars into glucose in the process of digestion. Glucose is then either stored in liver – Glycogenisis or in the muscles as glycogen – Lipogenisis.

Glycogenisis – The excess glucose is converted in to glycogen in the process. It is then stored in liver. The levels can get depleted in 6 to 24 hours when no other calories are consumed.

Lipogenisis – After storing glycogen in the liver, and if the liver overflows, the extra glucose is converted into fats and are stored in muscles all over the body. These stores can help us survive for several weeks to months without adequate food

By restricting carbohydrates intake, the glycosgenisis and lipogenisis become inactive. However, at this situation of their inactiveness, ketones become an alternate fuel.

Ketone – an alternate fuel

When there is no enough glucose in the blood stream to meet the energy requirements, the body begins to search for alternatives to acquire glucose. One such alternative is to use the stored fat. Ketones are by product of this process. The process of producing ketones by burning stored fat is called ketosis.

What are ketones?

Ketones are acids that accumulate in blood. The ketones are eliminated in the urine. This is because a small level of ketones indicates that the metabolism is breaking fats. But higher levels of ketones are poisonous as it leads to ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis makes the blood acidic leading to dehydration. When the blood becomes acidic many organs stop functioning. This is why usually persons following ketogenic diet are advised to drink lots of water to keep the acidic ketones under control. A controlled ketone level can do wonders in building the health of a person’s body.

Ketosis cannot fuel by itself – Importance of carbs in keto diet

As one has heard, ketogenic diet is always referred to as low carb diet. It is never called the no carb diet. This is because many cells in a human body need glucose to survive. This is met by the process called glucogenisis. It is the process of converting the following

  • Amino acids – Proteins are broken down in to amino acids during digestion
  • Glycerol – a lipid which is obtained from the breaking down of fats during digestion
  • Lactates – Produced during metabolism

Into sugar. This can be done by the liver to maintain the blood sugar level. But liver requires minimal carbs to do so which should be sourced from outside. Liver is a very small organ. Therefore 4% of carbs in the diet would suffice. The rest of the organs receive from the process of glucogenisis.

Therefore, minimal amount of carbohydrates is required to complete the metabolic cycles.

The path of ketosis

As ketogenic diet is an emerging field, not much information is known about it. The field is still under research. Therefore the knowledge in the field gained so far is from the people fasting and not from the people who are following ketogenic diet. The inferences of induced ketosis in the angle of researchers is as follows

Stage 1 – Glycogen depletion

Ketone production is not active in this stage. This is the phase of the duration between the meal and the inception of fasting. It is usually 6 to 24 hours of fasting period after meal. At this phase, glucogenisis and fat burning increases.

Stage 2 – Glucogenisis

The glycogen is completely depleted during this phase. Ketones are starting to be produced. However, the production is at a lower level. At this stage a person begins to urinate frequently due to the increase in acidic levels in the blood. The time period for the phase to begin varies from person to person. It is usually 2 to 10 days. It takes longer time period for an obese individual while shorter duration for a normal healthy person.

Stage 3 – Ketogenic phase

At this phase the protein breakdown for energy decreases greatly. One begins to feel the magic of gaining control over his appetite. Also there is increase in fat and ketone use in the body.

By eating a perfect diet one can enter the ketogenic phase very soon. In order to know the best keto restaurants that provide perfect ketogenic foods, visit the ketosumo website.

Ketosis and Starvation Ketosis

A person loses weight and increases the production of ketones in both the activities – ketosis and starvation ketosis. However starvation ketosis by which, one eats very little food, leads to ill health effects. On the other hand, ketosis by ketogenic diet will help to have even lesser food but keeps us healthy by providing the right energy to the body.

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